September 10, 2020
Good afternoon,
”  Help me with my unbelief ” —–  A man who interacts with Jesus in Mark 9:24″ Ponder Anew what the Almighty Can Do. “
This is the verse from the song “Praise to the Almighty…” and the title of my blog. What will the events of the pandemic do to us as individuals and the church. I have signed up for a seminar put on my Mennonite Church Canada called ” Does the Church Still Have Legs ” . It was being planned before Covid hit all of us. I am sure the pandemic will be part of all of the discussions. For after all, the conference will be virtual and not in person.

What will be the same about the church after the pandemic ?What will be different ?What do you want to hang on to from before Covid ?What should we leave behind ?What kind of pastoral leadership will the church require ?When can we sing together ? “How can we keep from singing” ?What will our prayers be like in the next years ?
These are my seven questions. What are the questions in the front of your minds ? How has your faith changed through the last seven months ? Job’s faith changed. Peter’s faith changed. Paul’s faith changed. It is fine to see a new God through these never before seen events ( at least in our lifetimes ). What would it mean for us/me to always have to wear a mask when I enter a public place ?

Salaam and strength for our faith together ( although apart ).
Fred ( the email might be smaller today. I am working on fixing the problem )

Pastor  Poole Mennonite
Tread on bold new paths!

Fireflies flash the direction

Hope springs eternal !                        Monica Pieper Landoni 2020