Prayer for Today

October 18, 2020
Good morning everyone,

Wherever you find yourselves on this Sunday morning, I wish a renewed sense of God’s presence. May you find God in the prayers you offer, the songs you hum ( or sing ) and the Word of God that is read. May God’s Spirit envelope you today.

PRAYERGod, of the earth and heavens
,Abide in our hearts
Be with our church
Care for our people in this world
Demand our lives.
Enable us to be compassionate
Find us a new faith
Guard our lives
Help us to live in justice and peace
Inspire our churches
Jumble up our certainties
Kindle our souls with fire
Love us
Move us to great heights.
Nudge our church to move to you
Open our minds
Patiently speak to me
Quiet our mind, souls and hearts
Rest with us
Startle our faith in you
Tighten our love for each other
Unleash our passion for the Gospel
Veer us in the right direction
Wear us on your sleeve
Xray the depths of our congregation
Yield our wants and needs to you
Zero us into your grace, hope and love.
In Christ’s Name,


Tread on bold new paths!
Fireflies flash the direction
Hope springs eternal !           Monica Pieper Landoni 2020