February 5, 2021
Good afternoon,

It is the last day of the Mystic Summit. It seems being a mystic can mean anything. There are activists, musicians, artists, spiritual healers and many other people with spiritual gifts that call themselves mystics.

I think the way that I am a mystic, or spiritual seeker, is my approach to Scripture. I am always asking questions about the words of the Bible. I love the stories, the Laws, the miracles, the Psalms and the prophecies, among many other things. I try to approach each passage or text with an open mind and spirit. I see the Bible as a book of wisdom, and I continue to seek the wisdom that is in it.

The Jesuit priests in Guelph have been my teachers. “Bring your imagination to the Bible”, was the message I heard from all of them. I participated in four 8 day silent retreats there. We were instructed to bring only your Bible and a journal. My deep love of the Bible was re-inspired there, and my imagination is inspired by the Spirit.

On Thursday I heard a lecture on Origen. Origen lived from 184-254. He was one of the first interpreters for the Church. He was only 150 years removed from Jesus. He lived in the same culture and society as Jesus the Lord. Maybe I should listen more to him, than all the contemporary authors that I read ? The lecturer said read the words of Origen, sit with them, and bring them to God. Do not read about Origen. Do not read about Jesus, but read the words of Jesus.

 God of all mystery
  and grace, and peace.   
and time and space 
  and questions and statements    
  and love and compassion.
Be with us all today     
in Spirit and in Truth.  AMEN.