FEBRUARY 25 , 2021
Good afternoon,

Where is Jesus of Nazareth on the road to Jerusalem and the cross ? In John’s Gospel he is often in dispute with religious leaders. He is questioned about who he is, and what he is doing ? In this Gospel Jesus talks more than in the other biographies.  There is a back and forth argument with the Pharisees and other teachers. Some believe in him as the Messiah. Would I be a hardline Pharisee ?

It would take a lot from my soul and heart, to always be trying to change the mind of other people. We know that is a hard thing
to do, if not impossible. Trying changing the ways someone sets the table for dinner or the way they do the dishes.
At Woolwich Council, we have had some difficult meetings on the Winterbourne Bridge.These are public meetings, and so you can watch it on YouTube. I find it difficult, when people are at odds with one another, And when it happens along  the same lines all the time, it gets to my heart and soul.

WWJD. What would Jesus Do ? Or WWJS. What would Jesus  say,  to lessen the conflict  ? Or would Jesus walk away (WJWA ). 
I guess I will keep reading John, and maybe some light bulb will go off, or I might just blow a fuse. What is Jesus showing to me today ( WIJSTMT ) ?
Grace and peace, with mystery.


Soaring like Vultures
lifted up by unseen Hands
Trust, silent enters my fears     Monica Pieper Landoni 2021

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