March 24,

Good afternoon,

” Then Jesus said to him [ Bartimaeus ] , ” What do you want me to do for you ?. The blind man said, ‘ Let me see again .’ “  Mark 11:51

In Mark’s Gospel this story happens right before the entry into Jerusalem. Jesus and his friends are in Jericho, east of the holy city. This blind man named Bartimaeus yells at Jesus, and the disciples want him to be quiet and not bother Jesus. They want him to go away. They want to protect Jesus. They do this with children and some sinners. The disciples also do this with the woman who anoints Jesus’ feet . Maybe they want a smooth Gospel, where everything goes well. The Gospel for Jesus is not straightforward for the world to see.

I am interested in why Jesus asks the man what he wants. He could have answered 500 shekels and twenty goats. It seems like the question is asked to make sure the man says what he thinks. Jeus gives him a choice, although it seems that sight would be a good place to start. He does the same thing in John 5. He asks a man who cannot walk, “does he want to be well ? ” The man has been there for years, but Jesus asks him the question anyway.

So what do you want, from Jesus the Christ ? Think hard, and pray it before you go to bed tonight. Is there an obvious answer to the question ? Can you stop at just one thing ? What is the most obvious thing in your life that you need healing from today ? We are almost in Jerusalem, you need to tell God now.


    We need healing God.       

You can ask the question.       

    ” What do you want from me ? ”             

    The Lord of heaven and earth is listening…


Soaring like Vultures lifted up by unseen Hands Trust, silent enters my fears     Monica Pieper Landoni 2021