May 25, 2021
Good afternoon

” Covid may have hastened Christianity’s decline”   

from the National Post  May 23, 2021″

Christ …not causes,… healing….  not hostility, … relationships… not real estate, … innovation…. not indignation, … substance…. not success, … trust not technology… ”  

from a paper given to me by Paul Jantzi.

As we move through wave three, and go into the unknown future looking for less than 1000 cases of COVID a day, people are now trying to define what the of the future of church looks like . The above two quotes offer early reflections.
The Anglican Church of Canada, at its rate of present decline, will have no church members by 2040. The Post article says that the pandemic will speed up the process. Zoom worship has not helped. It will be interesting to see what happens when the church opens its doors, and has coffee and potlucks again. Who will come ?

In the article from Paul Jantzi, the first word in the couplets is what we in the church strive for, I believe. Have we focused too much on the building ? But we need the building for getting together. We need to be a healing and compassionate community. I think the church, and Poole is no different, is on the Way to perfection. We will never arrive. Are we about substance, about trying to speak of God, when we do have enough language for it ? What do we see of God in the Bible ? Where do we see God in a fading tulip ? What do we see in God, when we experience the life of a new widower ? We must keep striving to see God in everything. Speaking to and of God is dangerous , but needed in the life of the Church. What does it mean to follow Christ without causes ?

Grace ( Charis ) and peace( Eirene) in Christ ,


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