NIMBY or NOT !!!

May 31, 2021
Good afternoon,

As a township councillor, things come up quickly, and sometimes they go away just as fast. We had to vote on whether we would allow cannabis stores in the Township. Then we were told that our municipality is too small. Gone for now.

Then there are bridge issues and road resurfacing that take many years to fund, and then have the work done. Everyone likes great roads and good bridges. We seem to be far behind where we should be in the township.

Now, we must decide on where to house the homeless. There is a homeless shelter/village in Kitchener. The owner of the site died , and the place is being sold. The people dealing with personal homelssness must get out. The Catholic Diocese of Hamilton has offered farm land in Breslau ( in the township ),and will work through a volunteer organization to house “A Better Tenty City/Farm “. All this came into my focus on Friday. We have to make an interim decision at tomorrow’s meeting.

There will be over 40 delegations. Most people will say they do not want it. ” It is too close to town ” We do not want drug addicts living near us”. ” There are no services to manage the population. ” . Mostly, I hear ” Not In My Backyard !” 

In Acts 15, the church has a problem. Gentiles versus Jewish believers. Who is the Gospel for in this world. ? Peter and Paul disagree. They come together in Jerusalem and have a conference ( like a township meeting ). They pray and have silence, and then James, the leader of the church, declares his decision. It is a compromise. It is not how the church or world makes decisions today. Although, we should always look for common ground.

What would be a compromise in Breslau ? How do we take care of some of the least of these ? How do we balance safety and care ? How do I engage the people of Breslau ? How can we see that the condition of homelessness is the concern of everyone ?


for wisdom.

for patience.

for justice.

for all people.  AMEN


Soaring like Vultures

lifted up by unseen Hands

Trust, silent enters my fears     Monica Pieper Landoni 2021

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