words and actions

June 3, 2021
Good afternoon,

Mark is the shortest Gospel. It is considered by most people to be the earliest book about Jesus. He tells the story in short stories. Jesus’ words are rare. We hear mostly about Jesus’ actions, miracles, travels and the road to the cross. Jesus’s activity seems very important to salvation. Mark took the oral stories and wrote them down for the community. 

Do you want your actions to speak louder than your words ? Do we need to walk more than talk about salvation ? One of the places that I lead at Poole is my preaching, speaking a word. I have not seen some of you for over a year, so you may have only heard my words on the website.  Maybe my words have more importance now than before ? What do you think ? Do I have to do more ?

For Jesus his final action is found in the cross. In Mark, he says little at the Last Supper, the Trial and while suffering on the Cross. Do these actions by Jesus overwhelm his words ? Can salvation be found in the holy activity of Jesus.
There is a story that I do not think is true. A man came to a farmer and asked him if he was a Christian.  And the farmer directed him to his neighbour , and that he should ask him. Actions speak louder than words. What is a preacher to do ? Maybe I should just sing and pray.

O God. 
 Thank you for your actions through Christ .   
Thank you for the words we have in your Book . 
 Thanks for everything, including  ….    AMEN