HOW…… laments

August 19, 2021
Good afternoon,

” How… ”  Lamentations 1:1

In the Hebrew ( Old Testament ) tradition the book of Lamentations is referred to as ” How..?” Jerusalem is destroyed by the Babylonians . Jerusalem is paying for her sins. They have worshipped other gods. They have not taken care of the poor, widows or strangers. The leaders have misused their power . And the writer of Lamentations is asking in the voice of Jerusalem, “how can this be ?” .

How can there be so many forest fires ? How can the western Canadian lentil crop be only 25% of normal yields ? How can Haiti have another earthquake, and another hurricane within days. After 18 months, despite masking and vaccines, the pandemic is getting worse in the United States. One, two, three and fourth waves ? “How can this be ?”

Lamentations is a book of laments directed at God ( or at  Jerusalem herself ). We could say that the writer is a whiner ! But his complaints are rooted in real life. These are events that are part of history.  For all five chapters there are only laments. The writer is angry at God. What is the role of such harsh language about God ? Why is it part of our sacred and holy words. the Bible ?


God,   Have we sinned so severely,   

  that you have forgotten us.       

forest fires, floods, hurricanes. and war.     

     Are you mad at our churches and pastors ?   

          Why are you not helping us more ?         

       Why do you not help us to solve cancer or Covid ? 

   ” How…. “



Soaring like Vultures

lifted up by unseen Hands

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