Last Supper Again, for the First Time

October 8, 2021

Good evening

It is late. It is dark. The meal has ended. Jesus might have said, ” My time is up. Let’s go.” . The meal has not been easy. The boys have an argument about who is the greatest. It is revealed in John, that they do not understand the true nature of Jesus’ work. Jesus reveals someone is going to betray him this evening. And his best friend, Peter, is going to deny him. There is trouble at the table.

Judas leaves early. The rest leave together. Jesus prays in the garden, and the boys fall asleep. They are scared. They are worried. It is not what they had expected when they had signed up ( faith never is !). They can all see this group of soldiers leave Jerusalem. You have to go down from the city, and up to the Mount of Olives. Jessu knew they were coming for him,Terror in all of them.

It is late ( or early 6:25 ). It is still dark. What are we to do ? Come with all your worries and anxieties to Communion on Sunday. Pray upon the tension at the original table. Come with all of who we are; the brokenness, the sin, the doubt. Come to the table to be transformed into a new creation.

Come to the Great Table of Mystery .

Peace for all
Soaring like Vultures

lifted up by unseen Hands

Trust, silent enters my fears     Monica Pieper Landoni 2021