December 7, 2022

Good afternoon,


I wake to a world riddled with mystery:darkness

shot through with the first ray of light.December and still

still, the ladybug wants in. Wants to sheltering that thin place between

the glass and wooden frame of the patio door.

Look: a table spread with star-shaped sprinkled 

sugar cookies,  a shimmer of delight

Who knows what this portends, what miracle

it points to ? Something is pending.

Any minute now the mystery

will be at last revealed. Perhaps

not wholly understood,

but wholly holy.

Suppose God is not dead but buried in

the warm depth of the female body,

waiting for the auspicious moment to enter time between

this and the darkness

of that other burial.T

he final postal code is written

the last e-card sent.

Rugs are vacuumed,

the tree adorned four candles lit.

What else, what else must I do

When will all be ready ?

When, at last, will I ?         

          Sarah Klassen from the book ” The Tree of Life “. 2020

Sarah Klassen is a Mennonite poet. She has written seven books of poetry. She came on one of the tours I led to explore the world of Paul, in Turkey and Greece. In her most recent poetry collection, she published some poems from that time. It took her almost 10 years. She thinks of every word that she speaks, and writes. A few years ago she wrote a novel, The Wittenbergs. Her newest historical novel is coming out this month called The Russian Daughter.

I know not everyone is into poetry. Give it a try. Stop at the different sections. See where your mind ends up. No one interpretation is the ending, it is only the beginning.

Chaos in the winds

Scattering my troubled thoughts

to land on soft clouds

Monika Pieper Landoni 2022