Back Home Again … Whew !!

July 26, 2021/August 3, 2021

Good evening.

” … then their eyes were opened and they recognized him and then he disappeared from their sight.  ” Luke 24:31

We passed over the border because of the kindness of the border official . I am not allowed to enter but he let me in. Then it seemed as if we entered the Twilight Zone  No masks at all when we bought gas. It is almost as if the pandemic has somehow passed away. As we watched people enter stores and restaurants, no masks were  required . Pennsylvania cases are rising. It is surreal. I feel like I am in an alternate universe from Ontario. (July 26)

We are here for Shirley’s mother’s estate sale. I imagine no masks on Saturday. Many unvaccinatedrelatives will be in attendance. It is good I am getting my returning covid test on Friday. ( July 28 ).

I am back in Ontario. I arrived yesterday afternoon. The sale happened. The prices were low for most of the stuff. The house sold, so the estate is almost closed. For me, the whole experience was strange. One woman said she will not get the vaccine . If it is her time, then she is fine with it. She has nine children and a husband. Think about it. Most regular people I met act as if they know more than the doctors/public health. I found most people only thought of themselves, and did not think of the rest of the community. ” I do not trust the government”. “I do not believe in COVID”. I felt sort of out of place wearing my mask at meals and at the sale. I tried not to make judgments on our family and friends there, but I know I am biased in my thinking. ( August 2 )

In the text above from the road to Emmaus, the story is inviting me to wait for my eyes to be opened. If my eyes are open, I am not “seeing” it yet. Like I said earlier , it was a strange and eerie time in Pennsylvania. I will keep thinking about it.

PrayerOpen our eyes , Lord. Amen


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