July 13, 2021

Good afternoon,

Shared Conviction #2

“Jesus is the Son of God. Through his life and teachings, his cross and resurrection, he showed us how to be faithful disciples, redeemed the world, and offers eternal life.”

Mennonites are people of the second part of the Trinity.
We believe in God the Father and the Spirit, but we have always focused on Jesus. Do you agree ? Here in conviction number two, the focus is on Jesus. It is a broad idea about redemption in the world through Jesus.

We are saved through the life, teachings, cross and resurrection of Jesus. He offered salvation to people ( like Zaccheus ) even before he was on the cross. Salvation is wide and broad. I believe I am saved through the parables, Jesus’s miracles and by the grace of God. How do you describe your own salvation in Christ Jesus ?

What do you think of eternal life ? Notice that it does not say heaven. It stays away from a specific place to a time when time on this earth stops . I am bound by time, so I cannot imagine eternal life. Timelessness ? It might mean that I do not have to worry about eating ( no more glucose readings) , sleeping or breathing ?

What do you imagine eternal life to be ?

Prayer ( for heaven and earth )

I sometimes forget

that I was created for joy

My mind is too busy

My heart is too heavy

for me to remember

that I have been called to dance

the sacred dance of life

I was created to smile

to love

to be lifted up

and to lift others up

O Sacred One

Untangle my feet

from all that ensnares

Free my soul

that we might


and that our dancing

might be contagious

.—- Hafiz ( a Persian poet )