Coffee and the Church

August 6, 2020
Good afternoon,
” There are different kinds of gifts . But they are given to the believers by the same Spirit.”                      I Corinthians 12:4  We had about an hour to have a cup of coffee in Ottawa on Tuesday morning. We were waiting for an interview to end. We found the Equator cafe, but it was closed. Shirley googled again, and found the Bridgehead coffee cafe and roastery. We found out later that there are about 20 cafes owned and operated by Bridgehead in Ottawa. But this was the place where they roasted all their beans. It was a noisy place with beans being roasted There was also a bakery connected to the cafe. 
We bought two coffees and had a large healthy cookie. On the bag was the mission/vision statement for the Bridgehead coffee company. It talked about the farmers who grew the beans, and how they were picked. It talks about the buyers, and the company that roasts the beans. Finally, it talks about the clients who buy the coffee and the pastries. All these people are included in what is going on with this business. You need everyone who is listed to make the company successful. The company did not have to write it down this way, but I think they are being honest about who they want to be. They want to be a worldwide community of coffee.
The church, in Corinth and here today, has many different people and gifts that make up the community. We need everybody. The challenge is to use the gifts that God has enriched us with in the church. We need to call them out, and make everyone use their gifts in the pursuit of the mission/vision of the church. Poole’s vision is ” to plant seeds of love and nourish roots in Jesus Christ to grow and harvest in the kingdom of God ” Where do you fit into Poole’s vision ?
Salaam and strength in our journey of faith and life.
Tread on bold new paths !
Fireflies flash the direction
Hope springs eternal           Monica Pieper Landoni 2020

Fred Redekop
PastorPoole Mennonite Church