May 4, 2021
Prayer….Create in me a clean heart, O GodAnd put a new and right spirit within meDo not cast me away from your presence And do not take your Holy Spirit from me.Restore to me the joy of your salvation,And sustain in me a willing spirit…  “.  Psalm 51:10-12

These are words from King David, according to tradition. At the beginning of the Psalm its says that the prophet had come to David, after David had sex and raped Bathsheba. There was a power imbalance between the King and the soldier’s wife. David also put Bethsheba’s husband on the front lines, so that he would be killed. ( 2 Samuel 11 ). Then he took her as his wife. Then he lied about all that he did, until Nathan, the prophet of Israel, confronted him.

What sin is he asking God to transform and forgive him for in his life ?

This Psalm is the first worship song that I learned in the church where I grew up. I found it beautiful, and comforting, the words. The music was also uplifting . My home church had some issues, as we all do, so I found these words good for our church. I hoped these words would lead us to a deeper walk with God, especially in our youth group. The lyrics/music often come back to my memory. The words are from a deeply flawed/complicated man/king. I am not a king but I am flawed and complicated. What about you ?


Soaring like Vultures….

lifted up by unseen Hands….

Trust, silent enters my fears                           Monica Pieper Landoni 2021

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