October 12, 2022

Good afternoon,

” Jesus is dead, long live Jesus Christ “Read John 19: 31-37

Finally, the other two people on the crosses are mentioned. Jesus has died too. John ties the death of Jesus here to some Old Testament prophecy . 

His legs were not broken and his side was pierced. Someone has told John about this event or John had seen the event himself. He is talking about himself in the third person ( verse 35 ). Some writers do this for various reasons. We have no idea why John wrote like this about Jesus’ death.

Was the crowd still around, as they took Jesus off of the cross ? The language used by John to talk about the Jews here ( verse 35 ) has been interpreted to be anti-semitic or the hatred of Jews. The Jews are observing the sacred meal of the Passover as Jesus has died. In the history of the Christian Church, the Jews have been blamed for the death of Jesus. Do you believe we should blame the Jews forever ? The early church was made up of many Jews, and then after many Gentiles ( non-Jews) were welcomed into the church, the Jews were expelled by the Gentiles. 


   Lord God of love and compassion,

      Help us to love all people


          those at the margins

          those who are misunderstood

          those who are at economic risk

          those who are unloved.



Chaos in the wind

Scattering my troubled thoughts

to land on soft clouds

Monika Pieper Landoni 2022