DALI: The Last Meal Together

October 9, 2021
Good afternoon
The painting above is by Salvador Dali. How does it speak to you ? It is different from Da Vinci. How would you draw the scene ? Da Vinci’s painting is at the point when Jesus says” Someone is going to betray me “? I think Dali paints when Jesus is blessing the bread and cup. The disciples seem to be in prayer.
If I would draw or paint the Last Supper, I would put tension in the faces of everyone, including Jesus. It would be right before they are to leave the table/room. At what point of the evening would you paint your picture ?  What are the emotions of Communion for you, when you walk into the worship space ?
Catholics celebrate the Mass every day. Mennonites mostly experience the event two or three times a year. Who thinks it is more important ? When the early church in Acts got together, they celebrated it every time. It might have been dangerous to relive the events of Jesus’ life ? In North America, we are in no threat of the police or military arresting us for sharing the bread and cup . 
Tomorrow, come one, and come all. The mystery of sharing of the cup and bread is upon us.FredSoaring like Vultureslifted up by unseen HandsTrust, silent enters my fears     Monica Pieper Landoni 2021