diaster in pakistan

September 19, 2022 ( the funeral services for the Queen )

Good afternoon,

Flooding in Pakistan

Deaths  1508

Injured  12,758

Roads destroyed 12,718 kms

Bridges destroyed 390

Houses destroyed 1,817,550

Livestock deaths  927,543

People affected 33 million

These numbers are numbing. I cannot imagine what this kind of disaster looks like. It is beyond the numbers. Each of these houses wrecked are of individuals and families. They could be you and me, if we lived there. How do you rebuild when everything is gone ? Your home, your fields and your family. It is halfway around the world, so it seems faraway, but we can make a difference.

Mennonite Central Committee is responding through Humanitarian Relief. The Canadian government is matching each gift We cannot solve it all, but maybe we can provide seeds, a temporary shelter/tent or emergency food. Consider giving through MCC to help the people of Pakistan. Read about the country and the people, and the disaster. 

” Never grow weary in doing good…”  Galatians 6:9

Prayers of God’s people. 

 God of heaven and this earth, 

 We are suffering from inflation  

 and our health care system is strained, 

 and some places are parched because of no rain, 

 But,      help us remember the people of Pakistan.   

  Be with the disaster workers and their resources 

    that they might provide miracles everyday.       



Chaos in the winds

Scattering my troubled thoughts

to land on soft clouds

Monika Pieper Landoni 2022