Good morning,

Wherever you find yourselves, I trust God will find your worship to be BLESS-ED. May God’s spirit live inside of you today.

The worship committee has invited me to do a sermon series on the theme of my choice:

For Janaury, It will be ….. FAITH 101

January 3      ” GOD “

January 10   ” The Bible”

January 17   ” Salvation”

January 24   ” End Times”

As you listen to the services, think about how someone who is not a person of faith might hear them. Think also of someone who has left the faith how might they hear them ?

Are the sermons inviting and challenging ?

May the Lord bless you and keep you.

The prayer below are the words from a song in Sing the Story hymnal number 15.


Hope is a candle once lit by the prophets

Never consumed though it burns through the years

Dim in the daylight of power and privilege

When they are gone hope will shine on

Peace is a candle to show us a pathway

Threatened by gusts from our rage and our greed

Friend feel no envy for those in the shadows

Violence and force their dead end course

Love is a candle whose light makes a circle

Where every face is the face of a friend

Widen the circle by sharing and giving

God’s Holy dare love everywhere

Joy is a candle of mystery and laughter

Mystery of light that is born in the dark

Laughter at hearing the voice of an angel

Ever so near casting out fear

Christ is the light that the prophets awaited

Christ is the lion the lamb and the child

Christ is the love and the mystery and laughter

Candles make way Christ is the day