Faith, Politics and Life

April 15, 2021
Good afternoon,
” I would rather have my politics than yours ( the church’s ) politics.”      quote from a former Liberal politician who was a Christian “
As a local municipal politician, I think about this statement a lot. It was said to a peace committee that I was a part of in the mid 1990’s.  Both the government and the church move slowly because they have to bring both taxpayers and church members along with them. You cannot move to quickly, or too slowly, or you get a lot more criticism or questions. At times, it can be a difficult place to sit or stand.

When I won Ward 2 in Woolwich Township in 2018, I stopped writing for the Woolwich Observer. It might have been a conflict of interest. There are all kinds of complexities in our lives. We work for certain businesses. We vote in specific ways. We go to our churches.

I think about the church and government more than ever before. As a person of the Christian faith can I still serve on Council ? The early Anabaptists wanted people only to be about the church. Yet, one of the early leaders, Pilgrim Marpeck, was an important citizen in Strasbourg. In 17th century Netherlands, almost everyone in government was part of Mennonite churches.

The politician in the above quote might have said it, because the church invokes God’s Spirit and will.I think this might make it more difficult for the decisions in the church than in the state. In Romans 12 and 13, it shows the complexity of being a believer in Jesus, and living in the Empire. It is the same today !
Shalom and strength for our life and faith together.


Soaring like Vultures

lifted up by unseen Hands

Trust, silent enters my fears     Monica Pieper Landoni 2021