February 22, 2021
Good afternoon,
500,000 Americans have died from COVID 19. That is a little less than the population of Waterloo Region. Over 20,000 people have died of COVID 19 in Canada. That is a little more than the population of Elmira. With this amount of death in the United States, the average lifespan for people has gone down. In the 1900s and 2000s that has never happened.

With this kind of change, what will it mean for our societies in general ? Will we be more positive or more negative ? Will these deaths make us more compassionate or less so ? Will we want to save more money or will we ” eat, drink and be merry ” for we do not know what is coming ? What should the church say ?

What would Jesus say to us ? Jesus would want us to be compassionate. ” Love one another” is what he said at the Last Supper. He had that same love for people who were suffering. We should also be wise as serpents and innocent as doves ( Please help tell me exactly what that means for COVID ).

 I am overwhelmed with the numbers     
      from all over the world.             
   I need some meaning (s) to all this dying.                   
Lent would be a good time for                      
    new understanding, at least in my world.                             
 We got 40 days, after all.


Soaring like Vultures
lifted up by unseen Hands
Trust, silent enters my fears     Monica Pieper Landoni 2021