Fly To God

August 27, 2020.
Good afternoon


A friend passed to the other side today.
She was ready to go, because she had suffered so long,
just trying to breathe every breath,
or she may have heard an angel ( or an owl ) calling her name.
She will be missed. She loved so much, and so deeply, and for so long.
Today, it has been trying to be,
and hot,
but it just cannot seem to decide for too long of a time.
Maybe it is because another death has changed us all,
that the weather cannot decide what to do,
and we cannot decide what to do either.
Maybe the birds do not know if they should sing, or fly or eat.
It is just that kind of day for the entire universe.
Unsettled into a new existence,
a new beginning, a new start or a new way of seeing the earth.
Maybe it is time to find out what it means
to be born again,today, this evening or even tomorrow morning
looking towards You, O God, for a new birth, into a new world.  AMEN.

Tread on bold new paths
Fireflies flash the direction
Hope springs eternal           Monica Pieper Landoni 2020

Fred Redekop Pastor Poole Mennonite Church