March 30, 2021
Good afternoon,

This is a traditional painting of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. Jesus was a little darker skinned that this painter gave to him. In the Garden, Jesus is very human. He does not want to suffer, just like we do not want pain in our lives. But if life takes us into tougher places, are we willing to go there ? ” Not our will, but your will be done in our lives .” Can we say that in every situation that we encounter in our lives ?



If it is your will, 

  I will accept it.   

I will question it. 

  I will say, if there could be another way.   

I will cry out to you with all of my lung pressure.   

I will scream, that there must be a better way, than pain and suffering.   

I will try not to not fall asleep, like those most human of disciples in the Garden.

If it is your will, O Lord .   AMEN