Haiku 2023 (2)

January 31, 2023
Good afternoon

Birds perch on branches

joining the peaceful chorus

of Courage’s song                Monika Pieper Landoni  Haiku 2023

Trees or branches are vital to our survival. They produce oxygen for themselves, so they can thrive, and we, humans, benefit from that production. In our Township we have a low tree cover rate, so the officials are putting money to plant thousands of trees. We love the shade of trees. We love the ways birds and squirrels make nests in the trees. Some tree roots go way down, while others, like the willows, have very shallow roots. We love the beautiful colours of the leaves, but then we have to clean it up. I have heard there are ‘ dirty’ trees like walnut ones that make a mess.

What are your favourites ? Fruit ? Deciduous ? ( maple, oak , elm, birch or beech ) Conifers ? ( like spruce, cedar, fir, or pine ) Small or large ? Young or old ?  Do you have a memory of climbing a tree as a young child ? As you remember it, what did you see beyond the tree ? 

In the Bible we have the cedars of Lebanon and the olive tree. My understanding is that there are few cedars left . They have mostly been logged away. They were a metaphor for the strength of the people of God, and of God. I assume that they were big and wide, and they were part of the community. Olive trees live for a long time. They continue to produce fruit for centuries. In Greece and Turkey there are olive groves of over a million trees. The really old ones look all gnarled and they look dead in the off season, but then they produce a new crop.
What is your favourite tree ?

birds perch on branches

joining the peaceful chorus

of Courage’s song.                               MPL 2023