Haiku 2023 ( 4)

February 2, 2023 ( Groundhog Day )

( Be safe this evening if you have to be driving )

Good afternoon’ Chorus ‘ and ‘ song ‘ from lines two and three from 2023 HaikuMusic is important for our soul’s journey. Last evening we discussed the role of music in trying to find Sabbath rest. We can listen or sing ourselves,  to move toward the presence of God. When you listen to your favourite music, does it speak to you on an emotional and spiritual level ? Once I was trying to learn how to sing, and the teacher told the following story. A researcher put electrodes on a person’s head, and watched for brain activity. The researcher then played music and had the person sing, and the electrodes all lit up. It seemed to change the brain’s activity in profound ways. 

In many churches, the thing that people believe to be the most important time in worship is singing together. There are so many different kinds of music that move us. Some of us love choral music. Others love country, hip hop, folk, bluegrass, gospel and many others. What makes music a certain kind of music ? What makes music Paraguayan, or what makes music Filipino ? Is country music played in the same key all the time ?

Make a joyful noise to God, all the earth. Make a loud noise and rejoice and sing praise. Psalm 98:

May you find the chorus of music that will nurture your soul , and bring peace to yourself and the world.