Haiku 2023 ( 5 )

ebruary 3, 2023

Good afternoon

,”Of Courage’s Song  … ”  line three of Haiku 2023

What does it mean for you/us to live a courageous life ?  Jesus calls 12 men ( what if he would have called 12 women ?) to follow his teachings. They did not know where their lives would end up. They gave up their jobs and living situations to put their lives in his hands. I think it showed great courage for them to give up everything to follow this young preacher/teacher/revolutionary. 

What do you think is the most courageous thing that you have done in your lives ? Follow Jesus ? Change jobs in mid-life ? Get married ? Offer hard advice to someone ? Wrote a letter to the Prime Minister ? Courageous acts are probably different for everyone. But, if following Jesus is important for us, then we must act courageously often. 

Finally, it is a song/music that we find our prophetic voice. As we know music moves us in many different directions. It speaks for us, and in us, and around us so we might find our courage song of life. Sing your favourite song or chorus. Belt it out !! Sing for Courage.

No storm can shake my inmost calm

While to that Rock I’m clinging 

Since Love is Lord of heav’n and earth

How can I keep from Singing   — from Voices Together # 606


Birds perch on branches

joining the peaceful chorus

of Courage’s song             Monika Pieper Landoni  2023

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