HAIKU 2023

January 30, 2023

Good  afternoon/evening.
Birds perch on branches

joining the peaceful choru

of Courage’s song
( This week I will reflect on the Haiku for 2023. )

Birds are everywhere. There are thousands of them, with every one of them having a different voice or song. They fly, and humans do not, although we now have airplanes that can fly faster than any bird. I think birds are beautifulThere is something emotional in Canada when we see the first robin in the spring. Migratory birds fly huge distances back and forth from Canada, every year, without fail, and they know where they are going. Birds hang out in trees, mostly, but they land on poles, and buildings, and some even lay their eggs on the ground. Birds are full of bright colours. Some are very small and some are very large, like eagles, and condors and vultures. 

Songbird populations are going down. Their habitats are being destroyed or changed. House cats kill many of them. Birds run into buildings and home windows, and die. Some birds are under threat of extinction. Birds seem to be being forced from the earth’s circle of life.  What can we do ?
There are birds in the Bible. They were there in the creation story. There is the dove in the ark story. We are told by the Psalmist to soar like on eagle’s wings. Jesus talks of the birds of the air. During this week, look for the birds at your house, in a park, on the farm or during your morning walk. Listen for their voices, and look at how they fly, and think about them perching on the branches. What are they saying to us ? What can we learn from the birds of the air for our spiritual nourishment ?

 Prayer     Thank you God,     

   for the birds,           

 show us their splendor.           

     speak to us out of your creation of them all. 


birds perch on branches

 joining the peaceful chorus

 of Courage’s song

Monica Pieper Landoni 2023