April 4, 2023

Good afternoon,

Tuesday of Holy Week” Later they sent some of the Pharisees and Herodians to Jesus to catch him in his words. ” Mark 12:13

On Tuesday, Jesus is under scrutiny for who he is and what he does. One group asks him about taxes and the Empire. Another group, who do not believe in the Resurrection,  ask if you can still be married in heaven. Another question was , ” of all the commandments which is the most important ? They, people with power, are trying to trick Jesus, and catch him ‘ in his words.’ But, Jesus is a master of putting a question back at the people trying to trap him. He is a teacher and a storyteller . He seems to understand what is behind any question that is offered to him. There is tension and fear in Jerusalem because it is the Passover, and Jesus is in town. The people who do not like Jesus want him stopped now.

In Mark 13, Jesus talks about the end of the age. It is not a question, but Jesus offers his ideas about what will happen in the future. It is strange because Jesus has not yet been arrested and killed, and he is already talking about returning to this earth. His final comments on this issue is to tell the people to watch, and be alert because no one knows when my return will be. This was written in and around 70 AD , thirty years after Jesus’ death. So, the wording is for the early church. They must keep watch and be alert. The Romans destroyed the Temple in 66 AD, and killed many Jewish and Christian people. The church lived with fear, and faith. 

If someone knows you are a Christian, what questions or comments do they ask, or say to you ? 

   The church is full of hypocrites. 

 Do you believe in hell ? 

 Does your church believe in the equality of men and women ? 

 Did creation happen in six days ? 

 And why is there so much meaningless suffering in our world, if God is so good ?

How would you answer these questions, and how do you think Jesus might answer with another question or statement ?
Grace and peace in our following Jesus. Be alert and keep watch.


Birds perch on branches

joining the peaceful chorus

of Courage’s song

Monika Pieper Landoni 2023

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