uly 20, 2021
Good afternoon.

Elora is an arts town. I have gone there on Mondays to check out if anything new is there. They have sculptures on the street. They have a few galleries, including one at the Elora Center for the Arts. This past Monday this gallery was closed. I searched the streets for new pieces.

The town has transformed an old gas station into a park and artspace. It is a beautiful place.  There is a permanent sculpture there. It is a 25 foot silver statue of a person pointing to the ground. On Monday they had much of the northern part of the park with small orange flags honouring the children of residential schools.
Just off the park is a piece called the ” The Hug “. I have attached a picture of it. It is a brightly coloured sculpture of two people hugging.  In this time of Covid, I was moved by this art piece. I am not a great hugger, but I have missed getting hugs from people. It will be a powerful symbol for me to see people hugging in the streets again.

In my benediction, ” May the Lord bless you….”, I often add ” and God give you a great big hug.” God does not give hugs, but the image brings us to a closeness to God. And with the pandemic pulling humanity apart, the image of God as a hugger might be helpful in our walk with Christ.

What image of God has sustained your Spirit and Soul since March 2020 ? What do you need to help you on your journey with the community, church and God ? Check out the sculpture in Elora, and see what it evokes in you.
” The Hug ” by Thoreau Bakker ( Toronto ) picture not posted.