Lifted By Unseen Hands

May 24, 2021
Good afternoon,

” Lifted by unseen Hands .”  haiku 2021

Lifted into the air. I can have a better sightlines. I can see the people, the trees and the clouds. I want to be lifted by God, so I can see the world in new ways. Or, I want to just to stand taller, have more conviction, and to help more people through the Spirit of God. Being lifted up is a positive thing, rather than being knocked down. Being lifted up is almost angelic. God will continue to lift me up. 

Being helped by unseen hands. Mystery. The very unknown from creation until now. I am not aware of all the people who have helped over the years. I have forgotten teachers. I have not remembered all  the people of Bethany Mennonite who shaped by image of God. I know people have prayed for me, that I not am not aware of their names, Thank you to all of you. It is all mystery to me.

I am never seen the unseen hands of God. I believe I have seen work done in God’s name. But I have never seen the hands, the fingers and their nails. But, I believe in the work of God. God gets into the soil, and the lives of all the world. God is good. But, I do not know all things of God. Still learning about the unseen and unknown.

When Moses saw the burning bush, 

 He did not see God,     

 but he knew God was there,     

  and he heard the voice of God 

Lord of heaven and earth,

I await your voice, loud and clear.

And you can hold my hand, seen or unseen. AMEN


Soaring like Vultures

lifted up by unseen Hands

Trust, silent enters my fears      Monica Pieper Landoni 2021