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September 7, 2020
Good afternoon,

I have worked for MCC at four different times in my life. That is why, I think, that its 100th anniversary is emotional for me. Its first relief effort helped save the lives of my parents. Their work also helped my grandparents and parents emigrate to Canada in 1924 and 1926. I have an interest in history ( it was my major in university ), and so I guess that is why I am interested in the history of MCC. Orie O. Miller arrived as MCC’s rep in October of 1920 into the colony of my mother, Molotschna. Three young men, Miller, Clayton Kratz and Arthur Slagell had felt the call to help Russian Mennonites. They were there to assess the needs of the community.

On October 10, 1920, Miller wrote in his diary from Halbstadt. This was a town where my mom had lived,  He wrote, “It seems people have plenty to eat. Some families are very poor, none have proper clothes or can buy them. Only about one child out of ten has anything looking like shoes. Most of them wear wooden ones over their stocking feet. It seems we can help best through the hospital and orphanages established. 1) In what way can the biggest good be done with ten thousand dollars each month ?2) What portion of it should be assigned to the Molotschna district . …”Miller goes on to ask 9 more questions about how to help these people in difficult circumstances. ( pages 54-54 of his diary )

On October 13, Miller wrote that Kratz had gone to help a group of people. Miller and Slagell never heard from him again. He disappeared. 
” Love mercy, do justice and walk humbly with your God ”  Micah 6:8
I am walking 10,000 steps for 10 days. Considering what Miller, Kratz and Slagell did for my family , it is not really much of a sacrifice. I have completed seven days.  If you want to donate to my Go 100 for MCC , use the link

Salaam and strength for the journey of life and faith.

Tread on bold new paths

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Hope springs eternal           Monica Pieper Landoni 2020

Fred Redekop Pastor Poole Mennonite Church