February 22, 2022 ( 2/22/22 )
Good afternoon,

” Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. ”            Galatians 6:9

Mennonite World Conference has been in existence since 1925. The first assembly was held in Basel, Switzerland. Most of the attendees at that first meeting were Western Europeans and men. The Conference has changed over its almost 100 years. It has over 100 different conferences of Mennonites, and it has more members in the Global South than here in the North. The largest Mennonite churches are in Ethiopia, Congo and Indonesia.

When the group gets together it is for worship and fellowship. You can imagine the differences that can be found with so many languages, ethnicities and countries represented.  A few years ago, the MWC declared together Seven Shared Convictions. It took years to come to an agreement on these seven things about God, the Spirit, the Bible and theology. I like the convictions that they agreed upon.

The assembly in 2022 is to be in Indonesia. It has been delayed for a year, and they have not decided if they are going to have it in-person yet. Indonesia has three Mennonite conferences, and is looking forward to hosting the Mennonite world. Would you go, if they decide to be in person ?

 Bless the Indonesian Mennonites.   
Allow the MWC to flourish. 
 Pray for places where the Mennonite Church lives with violence, including  Ethiopia, Burkina Faso          and  Congo. AMEN.

Tomorrow: Kindred Credit Union, Abundance, Compass and MennoHomes. Why take Mennonite out of our name ?


Chaos in the winds
Scattering my troubled thoughts
to land on soft clouds            Monica Pieper Landoni 2022