new beginnings

August 31, 2022

Good afternoon,
” Worship the Lord with gladness. ” The psalmist I was at Knollcrest today. 

The staff brought the residents who wanted to come for the half hour worship service. The staff is amazing as they show care for each of the residents, and call them by their first name. Most of the residents are in wheelchairs or walkers. They are a quiet group. 

I choose songs that I think that they know. They are from a songbook called, ” Sing Your Way Home. ” I read out the verses and then invite them to sing. We sang songs of very familiar tunes. Some sang while others did not. I led the singing !!!

And what Scripture passage to select for them? I could always select the words about Simeon and Anna who welcomed the Holy Family into the Temple. It is about seniors .I might be tempted ( and I am ) to think that it does not matter, but it does matter to me. I do not want to just mail it in, and treat the people with disrespect. So, I picked the lost parables from Luke.

The lost sheep. The lost coin. The lost son. I focused on the lost son.  The story is in three distinct parts, the son squanders it all, and then the Father forgives it all, and then the older brother remembers it all. A great story. I do not fully understand all that it means, but it is a beautiful engaging story of…. anger, redemption, and a father’s love.

What would you speak about at Knollcrest or any other long-term care facility, if you received an invitation ?
Grace and peace.


Chaos in the winds
Scattering my troubled thoughts
to land on soft clouds            Monika Pieper Landoni 2022