May 22, 2021
Good afternoon,

Today I have been asked to pray for Palestine. I will gladly do that. The event is sponsored by a Palestinian rights group out of London, Ontario. They want to continue to pray for peace, even though a ceasefire has been enacted. I was asked to participate through Hannah’s contacts with Christian Peacemaker Teams.

What words would you use to pray in public for peace in Palestine ? I am going to let the Spirit lead me. I have five minutes for introduction and a prayer. Jewish and Muslim clergy will also be a part of the prayer group. There might be more than two languages represented in the short ceremony. It starts at 1:30 pm. I will write after the ceremony is over.

What a sacred, holy and sad event. With Christians, Jews, and Muslims all praying for the peace of Jerusaelm and Palestine. The archbishop of Jerusalem was on the call. A priest who used to live in Gaza was there. The first ever ordained rabbi in the Jewish faith was on the facebook live event.

Rabbi Gottlieb outlined the sins of the Israeli state. It is a coordinated and evil thing that they are doing. It is not about religion at all. It is about land, and control, and apartheid. Her list of sins was long and precise. It made me want to scream and and cry.

But, what can I do to stop the violence ? I hate to say nothing, but it is almost impossible. The Israelis have not ceased because they felt bad, or that they were sorry. It is part of the overall plan of throwing out the Palestinians. There is violence against the Palestinians every moment of the day. It is ugly.


Soaring like Vultures
lifted up by unseen Hands
Trust, silent enters my fears     Monica Pieper Landoni 2021

Kendra PastorKSat, May 22, 3:57 PM (3 days ago)Thank you, Fred.Robin DunnSun, May 23, 8:13 AM (2 days ago)Sounds like an amazing experience…just finished reading Cesar Garcia’s book and I couldn’t help thinking about the last chapter. Is this available to watch on yFred Redekop <>Sun, May 23, 8:28 AM (2 days ago)to RobinWendy .
I will check to see if it was recorded. And Ala and Hannah are safe. It has been tough on Ala to see the bombing and destruction. 
Thanks for asking.