Prayers for Today

November 3, 2020
Good afternoon.
I am praying for our son-in-law Ala’s family. His dad passed away on Sunday because of a heart attack. He leaves his wife and six children to grieve his loss. We met him last November as we attended the wedding of Hannah and Ala. We were ” twins”. We were 61 years of age, diabetic, religious leaders and each had suffered a heart attack. We met only a few times last year, but we understood we loved our children so much. I grieve the loss from afar today.

I am praying for the United States. Shirley and all her family are American. Our four children are dual citizens. We grieve for the awful election season. We pray against chaos, violence and unmitigated anger. We hope people listen to the need for Christian non-violence.

I am praying for the members of our church, who are going through difficult health journeys. We have people in treatment, and others who have gone into long-term care facilities during the pandemic. Others are awaiting the results of tests. We are struggling with the mental health strain that the Virus has thrust upon us. It is a hard journey. We are together.

I am praying that we find God. If God is everywhere, can He also be nowhere. God is particular. God inhabits specific time and place. Where do you find God ? Is it different than in 2019 ? We cannot touch God in a human sense. We cannot look into God’s eyes, or give a hug to God. God is divine, and unknowable. But, we are always seeking to know God in whatever way that we can today. “They” say that opposites attract, divine and human in this case.

“As you do not know the path of the wind, 
    or how the body is formed in a mother’s womb,           
    so you cannot understand the work of God,
  the Maker of all things.         
  Sow your seed in the morning   
  and at evening let your hands not be idle,   
for you do not know which will succeed whether this or that,                                                 
  or whether both will do equally well. “
                                                                                                          Ecclesiates 11:5-6

Grace and peace,