April 27, 2022

Good afternoon.

O God of creator of earth and heaven,   
Be with our farmers,         
as they wait to plant.         
as they milk their cows       
  pick up their eggs,
and        take care of their land           
     and their families.

O God of life and death, 
   Be with those who are sick, 
   and those who take care of their loved ones.   
Be with the hospitals       
and the doctors,     
 and the nurses        
and the custodians.
O God of learning and understanding, 
  Be with our students   
  in public school   
  in high school,    
  in university, college and graduate school. 
   and with their teachers      
and their principals   
 and their custodians.

O God, of our faith, 
 Be with our church at Poole 
Show us our mission. 
Show us to be compassionate. 
Show us how to live out our faith       
 and how to speak of our faith.

O God of peace and nonviolence,
   Bring women and men, 
   to Ukraine and Russia   
 to Ethiopia   
 to Yemen   
 to Myanmar   
 and to Ottawa and Washington 
   and to Brussels and New York
So that, 
the world might be peaceful, 
  and forget about 
   and hatred.

O God, we need your holy and sacred presence  
  in our lives
   and in all the world.  AMEN.   

Fred Redekop
Chaos in the winds
Scattering my troubled thoughts
to land on soft clouds            Monica Pieper Landoni 2022