Praying into Action

November 3, 2021
Good afternoon,

“If love is your purpose . . . it was and still is the time to double down on prayer. Because prayer, real prayer, is both contemplative and active. . . . Part of that is working for a good, just, humane, and loving society. That means getting on our knees [to pray] . . . and it also means standing on our feet and marching in the streets. It means praying through participation in the life of our government and society. . . . Through fashioning a civic order that reflects goodness, justice, and compassion.”  —– from Bishop Michael Curry in Ricahrd Rohr’s daily devotional. ( November 2, 2021)
So, let us pray…..

O God
O Holy One
O creator of heaven and earth,
O Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
O Ground of our Being,
We come on our knees       
  We want to humble ourselves              
  We want to listen to your great voice.                   
  We adore your presence in our lives.

Carve us into the pieces of clay  
  so that we may   
 become vessels of reconciliation and hope.   
     and make this pottery-filled world           
  a better place.

Prayer in Action
Walk/Donate for the homeless 
Invest in renewable resources. 
Buy Indigenous childrens’ books for family and friends. 
Confront bullyism in schools and the church.

Soaring like Vultures
lifted up by unseen Hands
Trust, silent enters my fears     Monica Pieper Landoni 2021