Raising of Lazarus (2)

June 22, 2022 ( sorry yesterday was the first day of summer, and not spring. Ha ha )

Good afternoon,

” Jesus wept. “John 11: 35

There is weeping and wailing at the house. Lazarus is dead. For four days now, and Jesus finally shows up. Both Mary and Martha approach Jesus with their grief. ” If you had come earlier you could have healed him”. It does not say it, but maybe they shook him, and yelled at him in Aramaic ( the local dialect ). There are questions from the disciples and others who say that Jesus healed the blind man, why could he not heal his friend ?

When Jesus sees the weeping sisters, he is moved.  He cries too. Then he asked , ‘ where is my friend?’ Then the miracle happens, and Lazarus walks out of the tomb. He is alive again. When we go to heaven, and heaven is perfect, why would Lazarus have been happy being pulled back from paradise ? Eventually, he has to die again. So many questions to be answered. 

And, because of this miracle, Jesus’ life is again threatened. And at the end of this chapter, there is a question about whether Jesus will come to the Passover Festival. Maybe he will stay away, but it seems like the forces of good and the forces of the dark side are going to meet in a battle for life and death. Chapter 12 begins the section called the ‘ The Passion of Jesus’. It is the biggest part of the Gospel of John. 

Grace and peace in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ .


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