October 17, 2022Good afternoon,”… with men needing to be men, just imagine how Jesus would be treated for washing feet, weeping with others , for being single, for riding a donkey instead of a horse, for loving his enemies rather than fighting them and for telling them to put their swords away .  ” Rich Villodas This is a different view of what it means to be a man in the 21st century. Men should be tough and masculine, whatever that means . Jesus’ character was different from the powerful empire men too.

 We have heard it said, ” boys will be boys “, but I say that this saying allows boys to abuse other men and especially women. The Hockey Canada controversy is an example of this. The organization had at least three funds that we used to pay off women after their young players had sexually assaulted the women. And these were the best players, because they were on the national junior teams. Who thought that this was a good idea?  To pay off women after they are assaulted is institutional bribery.

Don Cherry said a lot of things on his ‘Coach’s  Corner ” He was on the air for a long time. He would often say “just let them play” . I took this to mean that the team that played the dirtiest would win out. If you just let them play and there are fewer penalties called, then who wins the game? This idea can be found in women’s soccer too.

I like sports, but there is an upset in my stomach because I know sports are based on intimidation and force. In his autobiography Steve Yzerman, a former Detroit Red Wing, said to be a good hockey player you must be greedy and violent. DeShaun Watson was accused of assaulting 24 women. He was never convicted and the 24 women received a million dollars each, but had to sign that they would not talk about it.

” Forgive them , for they do not know what they are doing“.    Luke 23:34 .Jesus says these words while suffering on the cross.

Chaos in the winds

Scattering my troubled thoughts

to land on soft clouds

Monika Pieper Landoni 2022