Scattering my troubled thoughts

January 11, 2022

Good afternoon,

” Scattering my troubled thoughts “A farmer went out to sow his seed. As he was scattering the seed, some fell along the path … ”  Luke 8:5

Scattered as far as the eye can see. If the things that are troubling my thoughts can be scattered away from each other, they might be managed better. But, I do not want to manage my troubled mind. I want to be able to see them right in front of me, so I know they are my thoughts. I want to offer them to God. Give them over to God.

What troubles my thoughts ? The following are not in order of importance because my mind is not logical, ( I would like to be like Mr. Spock in Star Trek ). Two degrees hotter, family troubles, wars, human rights violations by the state of Israel against Palestinians , poverty, Covid 19 Virus, pollution, fake news on anti-social media and bullies. No wonder my thoughts are scattered. All of these things invite disorder and hopelessness. This is not where I want to live my life.

What troubles your soul ? How do you tell God about it ? Do you think that God is troubled by the same unjust things in our world ? God gave us freedom, and I think that causes problems. We are not responsible with the freedoms given to us. We become selfish, greedy, mean and uncaring. Our freedoms lead us to care only about ourselves and our little place here on this earth. Lord have mercy on us all. Freedom should be a community project, so we can all put all of our fears and troubles into the hands of a loving and caring God and our community.

” Do not let your hearts be troubled. ”   Jesus in John 14.


  ” What troubles you God ? AMEN


Chaos in the winds
Scattering my troubled thoughts
to land on soft clouds     Monica Pieper Landoni 2022