Soaring like Vultures

Sunday January 2, 2021

Welcome to this sacred day of worship. It is a day set aside by the church, to stop, to reflect and to worship the God of heaven and earth.

We hope you find the space for the presence of God this morning

” Soaring like Vultures. “ is the first line of the Haiku. It would be so beautiful to soar in the sky like any bird. Soaring is always going up, to find new things, experience  new sensations and just enjoy the view. As we move in 2021, I hope we can all enjoy the view of our world, in safety and hope.

We are going to try a ZOOM meeting for the church this morning . We will have time to reflect on the worship time, and then have some time for sharing and prayer. Hope it works out. You will be able to see my pandemic hair


Our Father,

who is in heaven

sacred is all of your names.

Your kingdom arrive 

as if in heaven and on earth

Grant us enough food for this day

Forgive all of our sins, errors, iniquities and debts

as we forgive those who have sinned and done wrong to us.

Do not take us down the road of temptations.

Deliver us from all the evils of this world  

For God your kingdom is here

With power and worship

until the end of the age

or the cow jumps over the moon.



Soaring like Vultures

Lifted up by unseen Hands

Trust, Silent, enter my fears

                                               Monica Pieper Landoni  2021