January 12, 2021
Good afternoon,

” Stay with me, remain here with me,  Watch and pray. “

The words above are from a Taize song. Taize is a community that worships. The brothers lead worship, singing, praying and the reading of Scripture, three times a day. The community began just after World War II, and have been all over the world with their worship services. They have been invited by countries to work at bringing peace from war. Their peacemaking comes out of their practice of worship. Come and stay with us God.

 Covid has been with us for over 10 months. Cases and deaths continue to rise. Where is God in all of the events since the virus arrived here? The virus, I believe, is evil. It strikes fear in us, and has taken away our loved ones. There is nothing good about it. Maybe our healing will arrive out of our worship

We are watching, and praying, O God. This morning I sang another Taize song, ” Ubi Caritas ”  as I walked the quiet streets of Elmira. I try to focus on the words, hoping that God will calm me, and hold me in the palm of God’s hands.

Please God, bring hope in this COVID world! Help the world to act responsibly. Help us to find you again in this strange and eerie world of 2021.
” … Even though I walk through the darkest valley, 

    I will fear no evil   

 For you are with me…. Psalm 23:4

Care and hope in our journey of faith and life.


Soaring like Vultures

lifted by unseen Hands

Trust, silent enters my fears   

 Monica Pieper Landoni 2021