March 6, 2021
Good afternoon.


Salvador Dali ( 1904-1989 ). The Last Supper. I think this is an appropriate painting for Lent. At the end of the 40 days, we arrive in the upper room for a last meal with the disciples. The most famous Last supper is by Da Vinci, and is on a wall at a monastery in Italy. It is in a precarious state. but who knew it would be so important after 500 years. It sits in the monk’s cafeteria. A last supper everyday.

We know nothing about the table or the seating arrangements  for the last evening together. Maybe there were servants, and there must have been women who had come from Galilee with this group of men. And what food was served ? 

Meditate on Dali painting. 

Dali painted many abstract items, but this is somewhat real. His Jesus on the cross is  a little like this as well. What do you see or hear in Jesus or the disciples ? What about the sunshine in the background ?



    Thanks you for the artists,

who  create their reality

      for us,       

   in many ways                   




  That inspire us in our journey to the cross. 

and to each other 

  and to God. AMEN.