THE Meal Goes on…

August 30, 2022
Good afternoon,

The meal goes on and on… in John 13-17

The NIV ( New International Version ) titles the rest of the meal as follows:
 Jesus Promises the Holy Spirit        14:15-31   
  The Vine and the Branches             15:1-17     
The World Hates the Disciples        15: 18-25 
    The Work of the Disciples                15:26-16:15   
  The Disciples’ Grief will turn to Joy  16:16-33   
  Jesus Prays to be Glorified       
      17:1-5     Jesus Prays for his Disciples     
      17:6-19     Jesus Prays for all Believers             17: 20-26 

   Jesus prays a lot during this meal. It is a long last Supper. Jesus is afraid for his friends and for himself. He loves his friends. By telling them that the world is going to hate them, he is preparing them for what will happen when he is gone. He promises them the Holy Spirit. I would be terrified, if I had given up my job, family and church ( actually the synagogue ), and now Jesus is going away and he will give us the Holy Spirit. At the meal, I would not know what all this would mean. ” What Spirit are you talking about ?”. What about a new kingdom ?

“When he had finished praying, Jesus left with his disciples and crossed the Kidron Valley. On the other side there was a garden, and he and his disciples went into it. ”  John 18:1 . So begins the next part of the story, the Passion of Jesus of Nazareth. It goes from the garden scene, to arrest, to trial, to conviction and finally to the death of Jesus on the cross. Can you see something new in this central part of the Gospel ? What is different from the way that John tells the story, and the way Matthew, Mark and John tell it in their Gospels ? Be challenged by reading this part of the Gospel. What will we find new in this reading  this September ?

Lord of heaven and earth.
  As we read your Gospel of John’s Passion, 
Help us to read it in new ways ,
With new eyes. AMEN


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