THE Pandemic of GUNS

April 10, 2021

Good afternoon 

Mass shootings are a uniquely American problem.’

          Juliette Kayyam 2021

Juliette is a security analyst. She is often on CNN, and she has her own show on National Public Radio. And she cannot figure out why there are so many mass shootings in America every year. She is a graduate from Harvard, and Harvard Law School. She has worked for the government as well. She does not know why there were over 40,000 deaths by guns in 2020 in America during a pandemic.

Why do Ameicans grab for a gun when they get angry ? I do not know. There have been over 100 mass shootings and over 10 mass murders so far in 2021. ” There is an active shooter “. “There are people on the ground.” The police respond in minutes.” “The ambulances arrive  ” .The shooter is killed or injured.” ” Thoughts and prayers go out for the victims and their families ‘. ” We do not know the motives of the shooter” .We should ban handguns and have more background checks”. ” When people are grieving,  now is not the time for gun reform ” And then people forget until the next one. And then more people die.

Do you have an opinion on why this is an American thing ? What questions do we need to ask ? If experts cannot figure it out, then what ? Is it in their DNA because they fought for their independence in a revolution ? I do not know. They want to fix it, but cannot get on the right path.

Jesus said, ” Love our enemies “


  We pray, O God of love and compassion

  That gun violence will end in the USA

  We want new ways to repair our anger

  And restore a land with no fear 

  of death by a gin.   Truly, we pray this to you O God.


Soaring like Vultures

lifted up by unseen Hands

Trust, silent enters my fears

     Monica Pieper Landoni 2021