Sunday December 13, 2020.
Good morning,
Today is the Third Sunday of Advent. We are 12 days from the celebration of the Birth. Has it been a slow journey to the manger this year ? Or long ? We have lit one candle, then two, and now three. the full light of God is almost here.

May the presence of God be with you, wherever you might find yourselves at worship today. In your favourite chair, at the dining table, on a brisk walk or on the couch. We invite God into all of your worship spaces today. May the words spoken, hummed, or heard this morning comfort your soul. May God explode deep into your soul, and bring you to a deeper place of relationship. 


Wonderful Counselor,

Prince of Peace

,Lord of the Starfields

,Ancient of Days,

Mighty God,

Everlasting Father,

Hope of the World

 Guide for the Road

Through Advent to Christmas.      AMEN    ( with regards to the prophet Isaiah and Bruce Cockburn )