April 24, 2021
Good afternoon,
Before 1 A.D. , there was no thought about doing the people of God differently . Jesus was born around that date, given a few years on either side. The people of God, the Jewish people lived mostly in and around Jerusalem. They were also scattered all over Asia Minor, Turkey and Greece today. 

Then, at some point God decides to send Jesus to the earth. I think God wanted to call the people back to a more perfect time. Maybe all the way back to creation ? Maybe to a time when Moses was leader. I do not think that God wanted a new faith tradition . Most of the Sermon on the Mount is about ” way back there.”, in the history of the world.

Did God just decide or was it planned from the beginning of time ? This is a question for all of time. If you had a chance, what kind of community would you have set up after Jesus arrived in Bethlehem ? What would be your top five for the community ? How would you play the role of God ?

What do you need in the life of church today ? Worship, meeting together, prayer, singing, silence ?

Grace and peace for the community of faith.