April 12, 2022
Good afternoon, ( Tuesday of Holy Week )
Read about Jesus’ time in Jerusalem, up to the last supper.

Matthew 21:12 – 25:46
Mark 11:12 – 14:11
Luke 19:45 – 22:38
John 12:16-50

Matthew is the longest, while John is the shortest. Jesus tells parables, does some teaching and confronts the religious leaders. I believe Jesus thought this was the time of his death. I wonder where he and the disciples stayed overnight for the week ? They may have stayed with Lazarus’ family just outside the city. Where did they get their food ? How many people from Galilee came with them, where did they all stay for the night ?

We have come through Lent. For the world, it did not start well, with Russia’s attacks on Ukraine. Death, and more and more weapons used in the war. How will it end ? And for your journey of these forty days, how is your soul ? On a scale of one through ten, how are you doing ? How has the Lord been with you since mid-February ? Has there been one spiritual insight that you have gathered in Lent 2022 ?

While in Jerusalem, Jesus told the parable of the ” sheep and goats” 
( it is recorded only in Matthew 25:31-46 ). It is a long story about two groups, and Jesus says three times, ” when did you see me hungry, thirsty, naked and in prison… ” . This is Jesus’ last teaching in the Gospel. Are these the last words remembered by the Jesus community ? We are the sheep, but the naked, the thirsty, hungry and those who are not clothed are the face of Christ.

” Father, 
  forgive them,  
  for they    
 know not what      
    they are doing ” . Jesus . AMEN


Chaos in the winds
Scattering my troubled thoughts
to land on soft clouds            Monica Pieper Landoni 2022