October 12, 2021

Good afternoon,

” Brothers and sisters, we were torn way from you for a short time, in person, but not in heart, our desire to see you face to face was more intense, and we wanted to come to you again ans again…”   I Thessalonians 2:17-18

We are going to see our two older sons, daughter-in-law and our two grandsons tomorrow. It has been 19 months. We have missed almost half of our grandson’s Emmett’s life. We see him on FaceTime, but it is not the same. It is good, but not the same . When our oldest son, Lucas, was born, my parents did not see him for his first 15 months. I did not see my family, parents and siblings, for three years, from 1892-1985. 

Paul, the apostle and writer, wanted to see the people he had led to Christ. In his day, travel took time, and it was dangerous. He was the founder of many city churches, and it was important for him to see the people. And, I think, it was more important for the church leaders to see him. Often in his letters, he says he wants to visit. The people of Corinth say that he cannot be trusted because he never comes to visit. Being in the same room is important.

We want to see our boys and daughter-in-law, and we want to re-engage with our grandsons. We wanted to visit for a long time, but it was not safe. We do not have to isolate. We can get on a plane to fly there. I am excited. We have been Face Timing with our family every weekend for the last year, so that has been great. What does it mean to visit after such a time as this ?

( this is my last blog until Tuesday October 26. Be safe. Be well. )

Prayer  As we are separated for a few weeks, 
  keep us safe,
and,     together.
show us a new, or a different, or the same 
   way of living.
God,    We are sinful and faithful, believing and doubting, 
 Thank you are walking inside and outside of us all.   AMEN.


Soaring like Vultures
lifted up by unseen Hands
Trust, silent enters my fears     Monica Pieper Landoni