Waiting for a miracle

December 16, 2022

Good afternoon,

Prayer ( by Bruce Cockburn )

Song – Waiting for a Miracle

Look at them working in the hot sun
The pilloried saints and the fallen ones
Working and waiting for the night to come
And waiting for a miracle

Somewhere out there is a place that’s cool
Where peace and balance are the rule
Working toward a future like some kind of mystic jewel
And waiting for a miracle

You rub your palm
On the grimy pane
In the hope that you can see
You stand up proud
You pretend you’re strong
In the hope that you can be
Like the ones who’ve cried
Like the ones who’ve died
Trying to set the angel in us free
While they’re waiting for a miracle

Struggle for a dollar, scuffle for a dime
Step out from the past and try to hold the line
So how come history takes such a long, long time
When you’re waiting for a miracle.

We are not supposed to put all of our chocolate in one bar, but we can hope for a miracle this Christmas. We will survive if the miracle does not happen right away. We will hope and we will continue to speak to and listen for God, even into 2023. Even if we look small in our universe, and we are just a blink in the history of this world, God knows we are here, and wants to be in relationship with us. We are special for just as time as this. And I, for one person, will still look for miracles in the Christmas story and beyond.  AMEN.

Chaos in the winds

Scattering my troubled thoughts

to land on soft clouds

Monika Pieper Landoni 2022